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Who Are We

We are Bob and Todd, two guys who have been involved in running and event planning for many years. We organized the successful Top of Utah Marathon and many other events over the past 40 years.


Now that Todd is close to retirement and Bob is retired, we want to create experiences that benefit the participants and help people in need worldwide. Our mission statement is "Running to the world's aid." Our mission is to extend a helping hand globally. Utilizing our expertise in event management, we aim to organize impactful events that promote healthier lifestyles and provide relief to those facing daily struggles for survival worldwide. 

Get ready for unique events that blend fun and fitness, keeping you engaged and active for months. It's not just about exercise; it's a celebration of life and a call to make a difference. Join us for an extraordinary journey – where every step counts for a healthier you and a better world. With your help, we can turn every event into a story worth reliving!

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Our Mission and Vision

Badizo in Latin means Run, Walk, Go. It means to move, to be active consistently.


At Badizo, we bring active people together to participate in virtual aerobic fitness programs and events and, at the same time give aid to people in need. Our vision is “running to the world’s aid.”  


We have helped people learn English in Jordan, helped save children in Africa from slavery and provided them with educational resources, and now we want to provide fresh water to a village in Africa by drilling a village well to bring them clean, fresh water. 

The benefits of clean water for these small villages change people's lives.

  • Create Economic Independence

  • Increases School Attendance

  • Creates Sustainable Jobs

  • Improves Health

  • Improves Sanitation

  • Increases Farming Yields

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