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New for 2024
Family-Friendly Multi-Event Race

with mapping milestones  



Run     Walk     Go

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Say What?

2024 Events
  • Event 1: April 15 - June 9
    • 1st Celebration free event: June10  -  June16
  • Event 2: June 17 - August 11
    • 2nd Celebration free event: Aug12  -  Aug18
  • Event 3: Aug 19 - Oct 13
    • Final Celebration free event: Oct 14 - Oct 20

Service through exercise!!!

  • Provide a clean water well to a village

Our Mission/Vision: 

   Running to the World's Aid

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What is it?


Badizo in Latin:
Run, Walk, Go

Badizo events are family-friendly. We improve the world one step at a time. Your participation will benefit those in need around the globe. You help make the world a better place. 

Badizo and WhoLives Video

In 2024, we're drilling a crucial well in Kakinda, Africa, home to 100 families near Lake Victoria, with Kusa as the nearest town. Women and children trek 2.5 miles multiple times a day for water, which is dirty and polluted. With 300 children in the village, fresh water is essential. Badizo's support offers life-changing relief.

Fresh water is life-changing, bringing tremendous benefits:

  • Allows children to attend school

  • Better health 

  • Economic independence

  • Increasing farm yields

  • Better sanitation.

WHOlives is committed to bringing clean water to developing communities in a self-sustainable process. Badizo is excited to work with WHOlives and change lives.

KSL news segment on WHOlives 


At Badizo, all donations beyond the registration fee directly support our partner charities, ensuring 100% of your extra contributions benefit a good cause.

This year's Badizo event is unique: record your daily exercise time, with every 10 minutes equating to a kilometer, whether you're running, walking, biking, doing yoga, CrossFit, lifting weights, or any other activity. Consistency is key.

Join three multi-day events, each culminating in a main event. Track your progress on a map from point A to B, aiming to reach the village where a drill will provide clean community water access.

                The race isn't to the swift, but to those who keep going.


Why Badizo?

Join Badizo events to make a global impact while enhancing your well-being. Your participation shapes a brighter future for the world.


We ensure that any additional donations beyond the $5 entry fee go directly to helping those in need, making every dollar count.


This year's events are not only fun but also designed to motivate regular exercise—every activity counts, from running to yoga to weightlifting.


Earn 1 kilometer for every 10 minutes of exercise, progressing on a map towards Kakinada, Kenya, where we'll fund drilling for a clean water well.

Each event will last 8 weeks*
We promote regular exercise for your health. Five 30-minute sessions weekly to stay on track from Nairobi to Kusa. You decide the frequency and duration of workouts.
  • Event 1 - Nairobi to Ntulelei (114 Kilometers, 70 Miles)
  • Event 2 - Ntulelei to Bomet Central (119 Kilometers, 74 Miles)
  • Event 3 - Bomet Cental to Kusa (117 Kilometers, 72 Miles)
  • Event 1: 19 hour of exercise = 114K
  • Event 2: 19 hours and 50 minutes of exercise = 119K 
  • Event 3: 19 hours and 30 minutes of exercise = 117K
*You can sign up for one or all three events.
Thank you for your generosity and for joining us in our mission to improve the world. 



Where's Badizo Held?


With our events, you can work out anywhere, anytime, and choose any exercise you like.

Each 10-minute session counts as 1 kilometer, ensuring equal progress for everyone. Badizo means to run, walk, and go. Be active consistently.

Don't hesitate--join our event today and be part of a global community improving lives and our world.

CrossFit Exercises
Wheelchair Athlete
Power Walk

When is Badizo?


This year's program consists of three main fitness events, each followed by a one-day celebration event, leading up to a final event. Your activity will be mapped as you progress toward our goal village, where we'll drill a new well. Join all six events for an exciting journey.


Dates for each event

  Event 1: April 15 - June 6

1st Celebration free event: June 10 - June 16


Event 2: June 17 - August 11

2nd Celebration free event: Aug 12 - Aug 18

  Event 3: August 19 - October 13

Final Celebration free event: Oct 14 - Oct 20


Cost: Only $5 for each of the three main events 


As part of your registration, you can also purchase:

  • Badizo Short Sleeve T-Shirt 

  • Badizo Long Sleeve T-Shirt 

  • Badizo Hoodie

  • Badizo small sticker

  • Badizo large sticker

  • You will get your results on the leaderboard.  

While registering, we encourage you to donate to WHOlives. We guarantee that 100% of your donation will directly support the chosen charitable cause. 

Register Here to Register

How to Badizo?
Step 1
Step 2
* NOTE: Click on the link above, to enter your results.

If your name appears, click on your name to enter results. (It takes a few minutes to post your results.)
​If your name doesn't appear, click on the Submit Virtual Results button to enter your results.​

"When someone exercies,

an adventure is about to begin."



We invite you to become a sponsor of Badizo and help us make a positive impact on the world. Your sponsorship will not only benefit others in need but also assist us in providing aid to those who need it most.

"Go on an adventure and you'll come back a different person."

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