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  • Badizo 5K - Run between May 15th to May 30th
  • Badizo 10K - Run between June 19th to July 4th
  • Badizo Half Marathon - Run between Aug 28th to Sep 6th
  • Badizo Full Marathon - Run between Sep 25th to Oct 10

2021 Four Badizo Events

Create Your Own Course

You can create your own course. Find a course you love to run. Use that course.  Make sure it is the correct distance.


There are a few ways to measure your course.  Use your mobile GPS mapping features is a great way.  Drive the course with your car using the odometer.  If you have a bike with a computer display that is an excellent way to measure your distance. 

Use an Existing Course

If there is a course that you run often or a course in your area that has been used for a running event, you can use that course.  Double-check it to make sure it is the correct distance.


Your course will be rated on its "difficulty".  The difficulty of a course is measured by elevation gain elevation loss, starting elevation, and ending elevation.  Course difficulty will be one way we rank your performance.

Couple Walking


Enter your course information by clicking the link below.


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